GOAL: $20,000

This year, Westfield PTO is consolidating all fundraising to one check-writing campaign.  We are calling it "Write One For Westfield" because parents will be asked to only write one check to cover all their donations to the Westfield PTO.  In previous years we've sent materials home for multiple fundraisers throughout the year.  "Write One For Westfield" will unburden parents and staff from the hassle of responding to and managing multiple fundraisers.  All we ask is that each and every family donates a minimum of $60 so we can meet our budget for the 2016/17 school year.  

You will receive a signup and donation form during the Open House. 

What will your funds Support

Although not a complete list, the PTO will support the following based on what we raise this year:
  • Classroom Funds (Each teacher is granted $150 to help buy classroom supplies)
  • Field Trips (PTO pays for School Field Trips)
  • Back to School Bash (Free Family Fun Night)
  • Stride for Pride (Fun Run)
  • Roller-skating Unit
  • Learning Night
  • Movie and Literacy Night
  • Children’s Choice Awards (Reading reward Program)
  • Raz Kids (Online reading program)
  • Small Funding Request from Staff – (Gym pads, Art Shelving.)
  • Large Funding request (computers, IPad, recess equipment, Library furniture, etc.)
  • Special Learning Program (Exposing kids to theater music, art, etc.)
  • Staff Appreciation Expenses (Conference night meals, etc.)


How great does that sound?! One time for your child to ask family and friends for donations, one fundraising form to return to school, one corporate match form to fill out, and MORE TIME FOR FUN!

The Back 2 School Bash will be the perfect time to CELEBRATE this ONE TIME FUNDRAISER SUCCESS! We will kick off our fundraiser at Open House Night on Thursday, August 18th. Come to school, drop off supplies, meet your child’s teacher, and stop in the cafeteria for an ice cream social. Show your support for Westfield School by visiting with friends and dropping off your ONE TIME donation check!!

1 Goal $20,000

#1: Support our Teachers: YOUR fundraising helps to buy new items and supplies for your children’s classrooms. They will need our support more than ever due to budget cuts!

#2: Field Trips: YOUR fundraising pays for each child to enjoy a class field trip that ties into the grade level curriculum and enhances student learning.

#3: FUN! FUN! FUN!: YOUR fundraising pays for PTO sponsored fun for your children to enjoy throughout the school year: Roller Skating Unit, Learning Night, Back 2 School Bash, Movie Night, Sock Hop, Family Game/Pancake Night, Homecoming Parade, and much more!

#4: Special School Requests: YOUR fundraising helps pay for any extra items or programs our teachers and staff need to make our school year a wonderful experience for your children! Previous items funded have been RAZ Kids, sound system for the gym, IPads and charging cart, Mimeo Teach Boards, new Library furniture…. We can’t wait to hear how we can help out this school year!

**Keep an eye out for more information about fundraising incentives coming soon. Fundraising forms will be on your child’s desk at Open House Night to fill out and return as soon as possible! Show your support and WRITE ONE FOR WESTFIELD!

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