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Monday November 6, 2017


Attendees: Colleen Bakker, Kristie Mattson, Sylvia Shannon, Ben Young, Kim Bauer, Ed Rogers, Beth Gravel, Angie Roling, Rebecca Egli, Tabitha Lightfoot, Kelsey Slay


Meeting called to order by Colleen Bakker


Welcome, introductions and meeting minutes from October’s PTO meeting approved.


Principal’s Report: Thank you to everyone who volunteered with the conference meals! Thank you to all of the volunteers that helped with the students Halloween parties!


Learning night was a success! It was well attended but did not seem overcrowded with how the night was scheduled. Great job to those committee members!


Not much to update about the failed bond vote (update from the board happening later tonight). Three weeks after the bond vote failed a survey was sent out to get some perspective on why some community members voted no. The board will take those comments into consideration when forming a new plan in the upcoming months.


Another survey sent out was the Bright Light Survey. This is a technology survey about what kids know, and parent’s opinion on the subject. The results are used to help with technology integration and usage in school.


The Physical activity boxes were repaired for use at recess. Our playground equipment is still in really good shape. We have a maintenance program for all of the equipment to keep it in good shape, to replace it would cost $60,000-$70,000. The black top has been resealed and the four square courts have been repainted and moved away from the basketball courts. If kids would like to go out to the field at recess there needs to be enough of a group to warrant sending staff away from the blacktop.  We are trying to figure out a way for all to be able to do the activities they would like to especially when the weather gets nicer.


Report Cards will be finished up 11/10 (no school) and will coming home 11/20.


Last Thursday and Friday the teachers went to an event based on designing collaborative teams to make sure we don’t have any singleton teachers doing their own thing. Five speakers came and challenged teachers to have the skills to be teachers to all students. They focused on learning to work with all different learning styles. Teachers wrote down their most memorable moments form the event.


Treasurer’s report: Write One for Westfield update- $15,965.28 deposited- includes online donations (now we are waiting on matching funds) With another donation of about $160 we are just over $16,000 for the fundraiser!


Expenses summary-

            Classroom Funds- $1147.59/$5500 (ongoing)

            Childcare- $40/$160

            Staff Appreciation Meals- $200/$500

            School Funding Requests- $647.47/$3756.00

            Back to School Bash- $1125/$1500 ($375 under budget)


Teachers remember the last day to submit request for reimbursement is 1/31/18


There was a request for the PTO to pay for Hot Cocoa for the Polar Express for $182.00, which was approved.


Old Business: Parade went well thank you to the committee chairs!


We earned about $521 and some change and the next collection will be in February. We are seeing fewer items containing box tops but there is a new app that can boost the number we receive.


The Blood Drive was a success. We met the donation goal and will receive the $200, which was allocated to Mrs. Shanahan to purchased items for students.


The popcorn popped for America Reads was a great success! Thank you to the 5th graders who helped during their recess time. It was a little messy but they were able to fill about 300 bags during that time. Some questions for next year: if we do not have an empty classroom where will we bag the popcorn, if the machine needs replacing should we put that in the budget?


New Business: Hy-Vee receipts- turn the receipts you have from April1st 2017 until now by the Tuesday before Thanksgiving! Cupcakes will be delivered to the winning classroom.


Dine out Month is December!!!! December 7th Chipotle will give back 50% to Westfield! You must present the flyer. Lebowski’s will give back 15% all day December 13th.


The possibility of adding an ice skating night was discussed.


There was a 5th grade student performance request. It would be a five-minute performance during either a PTO or Westfield event. Pancake night or the Sock Hop was suggested or possibly at the end of Westfield night at super skate.


March 2nd Old Creamery Theater will come for an assembly.

If you or your family uses shutterfly to order photos or other photo items please use the Westfield link to earn 13% back for our school.



Meeting adjourned


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