September Meeting Minutes

Westfield PTO Meeting Minute

May 16, 2017

Call the meeting to order: Sara Mishler

In Attendance: Tabitha Lightfoot, Tara Dirks, Kari Titus, Angie Trenary, Amy Robertson. Ed Rogers, Angie Roling, Kristie Mattson, Sara Mishler, Kari Whitlow, Colleen Bakker, Kim Bauer, Kasi Shanahan, Deb Voves, Deb Wagmann, Benjamin Young, Helen Royer and Sylvia Shannon

April Minutes Approved

Teacher Requests

Deb Voves and Kasi Shanahan came to request classroom funds.  We approved $180 for Mrs. Voves and $249 for Mrs. Shanahan. 

The PTO approved $200 to purchase a microphone system for Mr. Brandt and Mrs. Mooney. 

The PTO agreed to purchase 14 wood body structures for the Art room.  The cost is approximately $12 per structure.  

Treasurer’s Budget Update

The below 2017/2018 budget was approved at the May PTO Meeting:


Proposed Income 2017/2018


Check writing campaign

 $ 18,111.50

Box Tops

 $   1,000.00

HyVee Cash for Kids

 $   1,000.00

Funds to be Allocated (School Funding)

 $    3,756.00


 $      500.00

Westfield Night @ Kernels

 $      200.00

Culver's Nights

 $      800.00

Total Income

 $ 25,367.50


Budget is based on 100 new students and 6 new teachers

Budget Proposed 2017/2018


Classroom Funds

 $   5,550.00

School Funding Requests

 $    3,756 (Funds Allocated to this line item)


 $   3,240.00

Field Trips ($5/ student) extra 5th grade

 $   2,887.50

Back to School Night

 $   1,500.00

Razz Kids

 $   1,000.00

Children's Choice Awards

 $      700.00

School Assembly

 $      850.00

Learning Night

 $      500.00

Movie Night

 $      525.00

Staff Appreciation Days

 $      500.00

Chorus Medals

 $      300.00


 $      250.00

Volunteer Coordinator

 $      250.00

Open House

 $      250.00

Parades (Homecoming)

 $      200.00

Child Care

 $      160.00

School Beautification

 $      150.00

Popcorn supplies

 $      175.00

PTO Manager (software)

 $      129.00

Art Show Social

 $      100.00

Box Tops Expense

 $      100.00

Linn Mar Foundation Event

 $      100.00

Printing costs

 $      100.00

Readathon expense

 $      100.00

HyVee Cash for Kids

 $        60.00

America Reads

 $        50.00

Bank Charges

 $        25.00

Running Club

 $      350.00

Art Binders

 $      350.00

1st Grade Writing Journals

 $      300.00

Stride for Pride

 $      860.00



$ 25367.50







Items in yellow are new budget items.  Extra money from current school year was allocated to School Funding Requests for next year. Any extra money raised or extra classroom funds not used by January 31st will also be used to purchase school funding requests. This year those extra funds purchased items such as IPads, Microphone System, Art Case, etc. If we are not able to raise enough funds to support the above activities the PTO will vote to spend school funds as needed.

It was a suggested that the PTO send a quick note home reminding families of the Write One for Westfield Campaign that kicks-off at the Open House in August.        

Principal Report: Ed Rogers

Staff Appreciation

Thank you to all those that helped with staff appreciation week. The food and special treats were appreciated.

ALICE Safety Drill Training

Westfield completed controlled grade level drills and an entire building drill. The kids are doing great and will do a drill running next year. If you have any questions regarding this training, please feel free to contact Mr. Rogers.

School Closed This Summer

They will be working on Westfield’s parking lot this summer. Constructions starts June 5th and the building will be closed most of the summer.  It should be finished before registration on August 8th.

Lunch Update

This week Westfield did recess before lunch.  The kids and staff had mix reviews regarding the change.   

Old Business

Class Pack’s – We will get a check for $142.

Executive/Committee Positons

The following people were voted into executive positions:

Kim Bauer – Secretary

Sylvia Shannon and Helen Royer – Co-Vice President

Kristie Mattson – Treasure

Colleen Bakker – President

We can have two PTO members in each position. If you are interested, please contact the PTO. 

If you don’t want to be on the Executive Committee, we also have several openings for Committee Chair Leaders (School Beautification, Sock Hop, PTO Childcare Coordinator, etc.)

New Business

Kernels Night – Tuesday, May 23rd

Open Discussion

Angie Roling presented information regarding an outdoor learning classroom that Novak is implementing next year.   The Novak project is budgeted at $23,000. It took three year to raise the funds and labor was donated.  It sounds like an interesting idea but we would need more information before considering such a large fundraising effort.  Angie was going to do some additional research and the PTO will discuss this idea again next year. 

Please excuse any spelling or grammar errors. It is our goal to get the minutes out as quickly as possible and mistakes happen.  Respectively Submitted by: Colleen Bakker and Kim Bauer, Co-Secretaries   


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