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Westfield PTO meeting minutes

October 2, 2018


Attendees: Kim Bauer, Colleen Bakker, Sylvia Shannon, Eric Gjerde, Ed Rogers, Kristie Mattson, Kari Whitlow, Morgan Yarker, Tabitha Lightfoot


Meeting called to order by Colleen Bakker


Introductions and approval of September’s meeting minutes


Principals report:


Thank you to those who organized volunteered and participated in this year’s Back to School Bash! It was a great event!


Homecoming parade was great, thank you to all who participated.


We are done with the first round of assessments in the building. This information will be used to set up groups and level students to meet their needs at their own level. K-4 participated in A-math and A-Reading. 5th Grade was the only participant in NWEA.


Regarding the bond- the new buildings will plan on being done August 1, 2020. Curriculum, staff, schedule etc. will be decided over the next 18 months. Architects are working with the city to make sure the sites are ready and teams of teacher will meet with OPN during the early design stages.  Principals will also be chosen in the next few months. Matthew May is the point of contact for the bond.


Current enrolment at Westfield id 562.


Treasurer’s report:


Income Summary-


Write 1 for Westfield -$6,305 in checks collected and deposited

$6,785 in online donations (we will receive this minus 3% in       a check from the Linn Mar foundation $6,581.45)

$100 in matching funds from Go Daddy



Expenses Summary-


Classroom Funds- $770.28/$5,850 (ongoing)

Field Trips- $500/$2953.00

Open House- $236.58/$400

Stride for Pride-$280.95/$400.00

Year Book Deposit- $100/$0.00


Back to School Bash Breakdown (so far)


Expenses- Cash Box $875.00

                    Space Walk $700.36

                    Paul Revere’s Pizza- $643.75

  Total so far $2,219.11 (waiting on Kona Ice check)


Total (for now) - $495.11 (budget $1500)


A question was asked if there are funds available for new back to school bash games?


Budget adjustment

We have an extra $3,000 left over from last year that we can roll over into this year making $3,800 total



Running Club:


We will still have Running Club but there will be no Growl Prowl this year. Running club is for students in 3rd-5th grade and fills up quickly. We are looking at the possibility of using the track by Indian Creek for an end of season fun run. A motion was made to leave the running club budget at $286 and it passed.


A motion was made to add $300 to the staff lunch budget from the $3,800 rollover, the motion was passed.


There was a request from Mrs. Brown to order stock colored paper. Mr. Rogers said he should be able to order that from the school budget instead of using PTO funds.


Old Business:


Back to school bash- went great thank you to the committee

Culvers Night went well- we earned about $410.00

Homecoming Parade went well we had about 40 participants


New Business:


Stride for Pride- Rescheduled. If the weather does not hold out maybe we can rotate through the essentials or have an indoor dance party. If it is held indoors maybe serve popsicles at lunch.

Blood drive- if we have 20 people donate we will get a $250 gift card and it will be donated to PBIS.


Box Tops and Hy-Vee receipts- the collection is going on now. Hy-Vee is changing the way they reimburse us, 50% will be in the form of a Hy-Vee Gift card. The collection is over on Friday October 5.


Q. Because the bond passed and 4th grade will be the senior grade in the elementary school will something special be done for them for their last year at Westfield like it was done for 5th grade?


A. We have not thought about that yet but it will be taken into consideration. They already have some stand out jobs like being 4th grade buddies and participation in the ZOO.  Traditional things that the 5th grade has done will continue as well.


Meeting adjourned


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