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April 5, 2018 PTO meeting minutes

Attendees: Ed Rogers, Tabitha Lightfoot, Kristie Mattson, Kim Bauer, Colleen Bakker, Sylvia Shannon, Eric Gjerde

1. Meeting minutes approved last PTO meeting.

2. Officers report
      -the proposed budget for the 2018/2019 school year was approved
      -childcare has been cancelled for the remainder of the PTO meetings this year
       and taken out of the budget for next year.

4. Principals report
      -There Will be a special election on September 11. We need 1,500 signatures to
     get on the ballot! The proposal is for two grade 5/6 buildings.
     -Westfield has 553 students currently which is above what was projected. We
      will have four 5th grade classrooms next year. 93 Kindergarteners are coming in
      and all classrooms will be used.
     -we are finishing Iowa assessments this week and next week NWEA spring assessments and math assessments will start and be done over the next couple of weeks.
     -Mrs. Shanahan will be on maternity leave starting Friday! Congratulations to her family!
     -6/1 Will be the last day of school.

Q. What are the assessments used for?

A. Iowa requires two non-referenced tests. NWEA tests are more specific and are used more for teaching to each student. The FAST test checks reading fluency. Next year we will have a FAST math test as well.

     -Students Will have a jump up day at the end of the school year to find out who their teachers will be for next year!

5. Old Business
     -The blood drive was good but we fell short of the donations needed to get the $200 from Mississippi Valley
     -Read -A-Thon was a success! The school took over this year and it was lots of fun!
     -Super skate was well attended even though it was rescheduled.
     -Running club is going on. Nicki Krieger is taking it over fir next year.
     -We had $24,000 worth oh HyVee receipts turned in! Thank you to all who participated! We are looking at the possibility of being able to email receipts next year.

6. New Business
     -Colleen Bakker was voted in to continue as PTO president, Kim Bauer will continue as secretary, Kristi Mattson will continue as treasurer and Helen Robertson will continue as Vice President. Sylvia Shannon will continue to assist with out technology needs.

     -there were two reimbursement requests. One was from the nurse for $53.23 and another from Mrs. Shanahan for $70.72. Both requests were approved.

     -we had $3728.05 available to spend on a large school funding request. It was voted that we purchase iPads with cases with that money.

     -The sock hop is tomorrow April 17

    -if you do not want to use the online option for Westfield night at the kernels please send in your check by April 13.

    -The staff lunch committee chair is open, Stephanie Nye is stepping down and has done a great job over the years thank you!

    -class packs are available for purchase. We are looking for a way to possibly sponsor a family who may be in need of a class pack.

    -The date for the back-to-school bash for next year September 21, 2018 it is the first weekend that does not have a home football game.

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