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Westfield PTO Meeting minutes January 9, 2018

Attendees: Colleen Bakker, Kristie Mattson, Angie Roling, Benjamin Young, Helen Royer, Amy Robertson, Beth Gravel, Ed Rogers, Kim Bauer, Kari Whitlow 
Minutes From the November 2017 meeting were approved
Principal's report: There is no school Monday January 15, 2018. Many of the teachers at Westfield are implementing different kinds of seating in the classroom. They have used donors choose to fund these projects and have purchased flexible seating like exercise balls, wobble cushions, wobble chairs etc. It is really exciting to see how the kids are handling these new additions to the classroom. We keep growing! Next week we will have about 551 students. We are going to continue with our Alice training this month. The district is looking to update the older historic buildings as soon as possible. We have NWEA testing this week and Math testing next week. Kindergarten Orientation is January 30th. Some are concerned that the Linn Mar webpage is not mobile friendly, this concern will be brought up at the next district meeting. 
Treasures Report: 
                                                    Fundraiser Summary
Write one for Westfield- $16,475.28 total; deposited including online donations (we are still waiting on matching funds)
Chipotle Night- $389.45
Lebowski's Night- $200
Box Tops- $547.00
      Expenses Summary
Classroom Funds- $2,471.70/$5,500 (ongoing)
Child Care- $60/$160
Staff Appreciation (Conference Meals)- $281.75/$500 
School Funding Requests- $830.48/$3,756.00
Checks- $39.89 (not budgeted but needed) 
We were $81.75 over budget for the teacher appreciation lunch, we voted to increase the budget $100 for this year and the motion was approved. It will come out of school funding requests. 
Letters went out to teachers/staff on December 14th to let them know of their remaining balance for classroom funds budgets and that their reimbursement receipts are due January 31, 2018. 
Tax Donation letters will be coming out soon.
Next year we will add a line in the budget for checks and postage. 
Teacher Updates and Requests: We will not know the exact amount of leftover teacher funding requests until all receipts are submitted. Can we put that money towards new IPADs? Also, is the PTO able to utilize Donors Choose? 
The playground slide has a hole in it, the district should pay for a new slide.
Our blood drive grant went to Kari Shanahan (Amazon Gift card) to use for student supplies
We earned $878.00 from the Hyvee receipts, another collection will be in March! Parents please add up the total from the receipts you are sending in. The question was asked if we want to do cupcake delivery again for the winning class? Hyvee donated the cupcakes! 
We plan to do another Culver's date in the spring. Possible dates are 4/10 or 4/17. 
New Business: Marcos does a fundraiser where the kids can decorate pizza boxes and then when you order a pizza it gets delivered in your custom box! 
We earned a $1000 credit from EPI our class pack vendor for school supplies. Possible uses are for supplies for Mr. Brandt, teacher PBIS basket, school wide supplies or volunteer coordinator supplies. 
All class packs this year will be under $20
The Linn Mar Foundation Mane Event is Friday March 2nd
Movie Night- We will be showing Beauty and the Beast and Despicable Me 3. Pizza order forms went out and we will have water and popcorn. We are hoping for good attendance and we believe to be under budget. 
Rough Rider Night- Friday February 2nd. The chorus will sing and tickets are $11.75 each (one dollar more for the online convenience fee) 
Pancake Night- This event will be Friday February 23rd. We will be taking pre-orders for this event. If we don't have enough pre-orders this event will be cancelled.
Old Creamery Theater will come to Westfield March 2nd
Staff appreciation Lunch- we are looking for volunteers to help with this event
Several PTO members are planning on heading to the capital and meeting with senators sometime between 1/2 and 2/9. A van will be rented for the travel there. 
Open Discussion:
Q. How many teachers are there at Westfield?
A. 56 or 57
Q. When are the next Conferences?
A. 2/27-3/1
Q. Are we doing another blood drive in the spring?
A. Yes in March but we are not sure of the exact date
Q. Do we have to make up the delays we have had this year?
A. Not yet
The 18-19 School year calendar is out and we are going to Quarters instead of Trimesters. This will follow the upper grade schedule. Quarters 1 and 3 will have teacher conferences and Quarters 2 and 4 will have report cards. 
Thank you to Helen Royer for offering to possibly donate gift cards form her employer to help with the costs of things like staff lunch. 


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