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January 2019 PTO meeting minutes


Attendees: Kristie Mattson, Ed Rogers, Becky Gregorich, Colleen Bakker, Kim Bauer, Deb Wegman, Tabitha Lightfoot


Meeting called to order by Colleen Bakker 


Welcome and introductions 


Minutes were reviewed and approved from November 2018 meeting 


Principals report: Friday is the end of the second Quarter. Teachers will be working on report cards Monday January 14 and report cards will come home January 18. Right now total enrollment for the building is 565 students. 


We have an increase of English Language Learner (ELL) students. The Ell teacher is now full time with a full time associate (possibly adding more next year). 


All staff will receive SIOP training. The focus will be on academics principals, language literacy and vocabulary. Training will also include linking background knowledge to culture and learning, increasing comprehensive input and output language and focusing on getting students to interact. 


NWEA testing in fifth grade for reading and math is complete. Next week A-Math and reading assessments will start along with second grade swimming. January 28th there will be FAST testing. 


Kindergarten round up will be January 29th from 6-7 PM

The Fifth Grade Musical will be January 24th and the Fifth Grade band concert will be January 31st. 


Q- There are more 1/2 days coming up in the next year's school calendar what is the reason.

A- they are professional development days, the new calendar is more professional development driven and they need more hours to meet the literacy goals. 


Q-will there be extra charges for daycare at school on these days?

A-Most likely. 


Thank you to Derek Jensen and Alan Polniak from the Junior Lions Football Program for coming out to give us some great information! 


The presentation gave great information about the program's focus on safety both at practice, in the game and in regards to all of the Equipment. The Junior Lions Football program is a partnership with Metro Youth Football and is an all volunteer organization. All volunteers involved go through strict background checks and must be certified in Head Up football. They also provide impact concussion testing prior to the season starting. 


This year was funded by t-shirt and hat sales. They were able to pay for fourth grade trip to the UNI dome, fifth and sixth grade at Linn Mar Stadium, a sixth grade tournament in Des Moines, team parties, decals and stickers and create a playbook. 


A handout was given out with more information. Register at metro youth 

Also like Junior Lions Football on facebook


A handout was also given for Lions 8U girls softball


Treasurers report:


Current Checking Account Balance $21130.74


Income Summary: 

Staff appreciation donations- $125

U of I CCU donation (on behalf of Mary Owings)- $250.00

Write One Online Donation Check- $6719.48

Lebowski's night- $200.00

Moe's Night- $126.00

Box Tops- $461.10

Shutterfly/tiny prints- $85.13


Expenses Summary:

Classroom Funds- $3,821.83/$5850 (ongoing)

Staff Appreciation- $115.74/$600 (spent $240.74, received donation of $125)

General Supplies- $108.21/$100 ($77.21 on checks in December) 

Learning Night- $458.25/$500

Special Funding request- $102.21/$100

Movie night/Licensing- $470/$525


Letters of classroom fund balances were distributed on 12/4. Deadline is Jan 31, 2019


Mrs. Wegman expressed the need for new library books and brought up the possibility that the PTO might use our excess funding to purchase some this year. They would average roughly $15 dollars a book. 


Old Business:

Learning Night, Staff Lunch and our Dine Out Nights were all a great success! Thank you to those who organized these events!


New Business:


Movie Night - deadline to order pizza is Friday January 11


Rough Rider Night- the link to purchase tickets will be available soon


Pancake Night is Feb 22


Meeting adjourned-Next PTO meeting is Feb 5th 2019

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