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PTO Meeting Minutes: November 6, 2018 

Attendees: Kristie Mattson, Colleen Bakker, Ed Rogers, Erica Taylor, Jami Demuth, Morgan Yorker, Deb Wegmann, Amity Preston, Linda Engel 

Meeting called to order by Colleen Bakker. 

October PTO meeting minutes approved. 

Principal’s Report: 

Enrollment has increased to 565 students.  

Parent-Teacher conferences went well with a majority of parents attending.  

3rd grade music program is November 8th.  

Deb Wegmann talked about activities for Veteran’s day and how a flag will be made with the stars that students put names of veteran relatives and friends on.  

On Monday, November 12th there will be a veteran’s ceremony with flag raising and singing of the National Anthem. 

This week is National Volunteer Managers week-shout out to Raychelle Kiley our volunteer coordinator. 

America Reads Day was wonderful! We had 85 readers who filled 135 reading spots.  

Ed attended a Marzano High Reliability Schools conference in Austin, Texas during the summer. On November 26th a survey will be sent to all parents to rate how Westfield is doing. Marzano will compile and analyze the data and will give us the results with the things we do well on and areas that need improvement. The Marzano survey process is a three-year commitment.  

The Bright Bytes survey is due November 16th

Officer’s Report: 

Kristi has filed our 990N form which has been accepted. This ensures our non-profit status. 

The deadline for classroom funds in January 31st. Whatever is not spent on classroom items, rolls over to school funding.  

PTO received a request to fund PBIS incentives. Erika motioned to approve $100 (an increase of $75 from $25 originally budgeted) for PBIS incentives and Deb seconded the motion. 

Old Business-Open House 

The Blood Drive needed 20 donors and we had 13. We still have the spring Blood Drive. Options for holding the Blood Drive in the spring would be to not have it on conference night. We will also revisit the idea of supporting a community Blood Drive instead of having one at Westfield. The spring Blood Drive is scheduled for March 7th.  

Stride for Pride went well, and the weather was perfect.  

Conference meals were great and much appreciated.  

New Business 

November 15th is Learning Night 

Staff Lunch will be December 5th and Colleen will send out an email sign up for volunteers.  

Colleen asked for ideas on other groups that could visit Westfield. Old Creamery Theater will be visiting Westfield soon. 

Dine Out nights in December were discussed. Suggestions included Lebowski’s, Chipotle, Moe’s and Cheddars. 

There is no meeting in December. Special funding will not be approved until January.  

Volunteers are needed to run PTO next year. Help spread the word. There are many open executive board positions including President, Vice President, and Treasurer as well as several open committee positions. 

Meeting Adjourned.

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