PTO Executive Committee 2018-2019

  • Colleen Bakker, President
  • Helen Royer, Vice President
  • Kristie Mattson, Treasurer
  • Kim Bauer, Secretary
  • Jami Demuth, Secretary
  • Ed Rogers, Principal

Committee Chairs

  • Art Show Cookies: PTO Board
  • Back to School Bash:Tara Dirks and Kari Titus
  • (Board organizes fundraising activity)
  • Beautification: Michelle and Ava Lampe
  • Blood Drive:  Eric Gjerde, Kari Whitlow and Erica Taylor
  • Box Tops and Hy-Vee Receipts: Sarah Zimmerman, Brianne O’Leary and Tabitha Lightfoot
  • Class Packs: Sarah Zimmerman
  • Conference Meals: Amy Robertson
  • Culver's Nights:Sara Mishler and Kari Whitlow
  • Homecoming Parade: Tabitha Lightfoot and Bird Gengler
  • Kernels Night: Kristie Mattson
  • Movie Night:   Sarika Bhakta and Helen Royer
  • Open House Ice Cream: PTO Board
  • Pancake/Family Fun Night:  Sara Mishler
  • Read a Thon:School activity that the PTO helps fund
  • Rough Riders Night: Colleen Bakker
  • Running Club:Nikki Krieger
  • School Directory: Michelle Langston
  • Science Night:Michelle Bovinet, Erica Taylor and Sarah Young
  • Skating Night:  Michelle Langston and Michelle Lampe
  • Sock Hop:Amy Fell
  • Staff Lunch: Looking for help! Winter December 5 th and Spring May 8th
  • Stride for Pride: Michelle Langst on and Kim Bauer
  • Technology Chair: Sylvia Shannon
  • Window Decorator: Nicole White
  • Yearbook: Michelle Langston
If you would like to help organize any of the above events, please e-mail us at

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