Other PTO Projects

Staff Appreciation Lunches – 1st Wednesday in December and May

Parents of Westfield express their gratitude to the teachers and staff by providing lunch. Look for more information via email to offer to make or purchase food for these events!

Conference Meals

Food is provided to staff during the week of student conferences when teachers work well into the evening hours to meet with parents.

Class Packs

The PTO offers class packs with school supplies from the Westfield School Supply List. This is a great opportunity for you to order the school supplies your child needs and have them delivered to the school with no shopping hassles for you. Orders are due in April and may be made online.  Class packs will be available for pick up at Wesfield's registration in August in the multipurpose room.

School Directory

Starting this year, each family will receive a free Westfield school directory compliments of the PTO! The directory includes staff email addresses, class lists, and student contact information in the form of names, addresses, and phone numbers.  This is a great resource for contacting fellow students and their parents for play dates, birthday parties, or just chatting on the phone.

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