Consumer Fundraisers

The following programs provide funding opportunities to local schools throughout the school year.  Click on their links for more information.  It is possible for friends and relatives to collect these items and donate them as well.

Fundraiser Links & Information

  • Boxtops for Education - Product List: Cut out the marked boxtop according to the link and deposit them in the designated drawer in the cart just inside the front doors.  Also, save for Box Tops Blitz twice per year.  Please visit for more information and participating products. Funds go toward classroom field trips and school beautification.
  • Hy-Vee Cash 4 Students: Save your receipts from Hy-Vee to support Westfield. Turn in receipts dated from May 1, 2016 - March 31, 2017 into the PTO and we'll redeem them for cash for our students. Don't forget to continue saving receipts over the summer break!  For every $200 pre-tax collected, Westfield earns $1. All 14 Cedar Rapids and Marion Hy-Vee Food Stores and Drugstores are participating.   Receipts may be deposited in the appropriately marked drawer in the cart in the front foyer.  Photocopies of receipts are also acceptable.  Please consult for more details. Funds go toward music items and Staff Appreciation conference meals.
  • Tyson Project A+: Clip the labels off eligible Tyson products and place them into the designated drawer in the cart just inside the front doors. Westfield receives 24 cents for each label! Please make sure to cut the whole label as indicated on the web site and not just the chalkboard part!!  Take a look at for more details.
  • Amazon Smile: Do you do a lot of Amazon shopping? If you do, our school can make money off of your purchases. All you have to do is create an account with Amazon Smile, and order off of that account when purchasing items. .5% of total purchases will come back to Westfield.You can use this link to set up your account! Thank you!


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